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【Publication】Xuan Chen’s paper got accepted by Journal of Materiomics

Xuan Chen's paper, entiled "Bio-inspired flexible vibration visualization sensor based on piezo-electrochromic effect", got accepted by Journal of Materiomics.Prof. Yaojin Wang is the corresponding author. This work was collaborated with Prof. Laihui Luo from Ningbo University and Prof. Haosu Luo Shanghai Institute of Ceramics. Congratulations! 


Fig. 1. Schematic illustration of bio-inspired piezo-electrochromic effect concept and the sensor design framework. (a) The biological principal of chameleon camouflage in response to mechanical stimuli and parallel in the piezo-electrochromic regime. (b) Illustration of the flexible passive vibration-visualization sensor framework, which comprises a piezoelectric generator, an electrochromic indicator, and a voltage rectifier. The proposed bio-inspired piezo-electrochromic effect is a synergy between (c) piezoelectricity (i.e., induction of electrical signals under mechanical stimuli) and (d) electrochromism (i.e , color change by cation-injection). The chameleon image is from https://pangeanimales.com.

Yaojin Wang (汪尧进) Laboratory of Advanced Sensitive Materials and Devices
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