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【Publication】Prof. Wang’s paper got accepted by Advanced Electronic Materials

Prof. Yaojin Wang published a paper in Advanced Electronic Materials (IF=6.312), entiled "Large piezoelectricity in ternary single crystals" .Prof. Yaojin Wang and Prof. Chao Chen are the co-corresponding authors. This work was collaborated with Prof. Hausu Luo in Shanghai Insititute of Ceramics, Dr. Chengtao Luo and Prof. Dwight Viehland in Virginia Tech, USA. Congratulations!


Figure 1. Piezoelectric coefficient and structure of [001]-oriented NBT-6BT-KNN crystals under various fields. (a) Comparison of piezoelectric constant d33 at 300 K among ternary NBT-6BT-KNN single crystals, previously reported other lead-free piezoelectrics and market dominating PZT family. (b) The corresponding piezoelectric constant d33 as a function of poling field Ep. The region in color mixture indicates the phase boundary and phase coexistence between weak polar ferroelectric R3c/P4bm and strong polar ferroelectric P4mm tetragonal phases. (c) The ground state with coexistence of weak polar rhombohedral R3c and tetragonal P4bm structures, and (d) the poled state along [001]PC with weak polar rhombohedral R3c and ferroelectric tetragonal P4mm structures (i.e., the volume fraction of R3c is much lower than that of P4mm). 

Yaojin Wang (汪尧进) Laboratory of Advanced Sensitive Materials and Devices
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